Popular Bathroom Tiles in Malaysia That Will Inspire Your Space

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The secret to defining the overall look and feel of a bathroom? It’s your choice of tiles! It’s a little-known secret amongst interior designers that bathroom tiles play a significant role in defining your bathroom’s overall aesthetic.

After all, your bathroom is one of the most-utilized space in any home. Hence, making a stylish statement that is easy on your eyes as well as impressive to your guests is key!

That said, there’s a lot more to choosing your bathroom tiles than simply finding a colour and pattern that you like from a tiles shop.

Hence, in this article, let’s discover the different types of popular bathroom tiles in Malaysia that will leave a lasting impression for your bathroom and where to find these tiles at one of Malaysia’s leading tiles shop!


Bathroom Tiles That Are Trending This Year in Malaysia

For the past two years, we have carefully studied the trends and patterns of Malaysian designers, home and business owners in terms of their favourite style of bathroom tiles.

In fact, our Niro Granite tiles sales specialists have indicated that trending bathroom tile designs in Malaysia are leaning towards earthy, back-to-nature designs. Below are a few of the different styles as loved by many Malaysians.

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a) Natural-Stone Tiles

If you’re going for a natural earthy feel, a natural-stone inspired look will inject a down-to-earth sleekness that you simply cannot replicate with other tiles!

However, natural stones are notoriously porous and prone to absorbing water, lubricants or stains after some time. That’s why ceramic or porcelain stone-designed tiles which resembles natural stone is perfect for this!

In fact, you will enjoy the best of both worlds – the natural stone look, the durability, as well as the easy maintenance. Stone-printed tiles often come in array of colours and designs, including marble, limestone and granite.


terrazzo tile wall

b) Terrazzo Tiles

While terrazzo tiles are a fair bit pricier than most, the surging popularity of porcelain terrazzo tiles is what everyone’s getting excited about!

Why terrazzo designed tiles? Well, similar to the above, terrazzo tiles are digitally printed tiles that gives you the look and feel of true terrazzo. The embossed and shine effect on the terrazzo tile surface highly resembles the natural stones embedded on terrazzo.

Porcelain terrazzo tiles are perfect for bathrooms that want a sleek, stylish terrazzo-inspired look without the fuss of maintenance. Porcelain terrazzo also comes in a wide range of colours and sizes!


terrazzo tile corner living room

c) Wood Design Tiles

As your bathroom can be a space for tranquillity and relaxation, wood-design tiles can add an exceptionally calming feel to your bathrooms.

In fact, wood-style tiles have always been a popular material to bring warmth, character and texture. With today’s water-resistant tiles that come in wood designs, you can achieve the timber look in bathrooms without worrying about moisture damage!

Wood-design tiles can be just as suitable for light-filled bathrooms in need of a rustic touch as they are for sultry bathrooms in an ultra-modern setting.

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