Areas for Anti Slip Tiles

The Most Important Places For Anti Slip Tiles

Most people know the slips and falls are dangerous, but many don’t realize that falls are the 2nd highest cause of death from unintentional injury around the world. With more of our lives being spend indoors than ever before, people are investing into anti slip or non-slip tiles, which are tiles that are specially manufactured to produce friction when wet, or tiles designed with rougher surfaces. With our revolutionary Slip-Stop tiles, we have created tiles that have smooth surfaces and yet produces an anti-slip effect when in contact with water.

To keep you and those you care about safe, here’s a list of our recommended spots to install Slip-Stop Tiles:


Anti slip tiles in kitchen


Oil and water do not mix – and they tend to pool when spilled, creating dangerous puddles in an environment that’s already filled with sharp, heavy, and hot objects! Our number one recommendation for where you should install Slip-Stop tiles is the kitchen.

Other than having anti-slip properties, Slip-Stop tiles are also stain-resistant, allowing you to easily clean up any accidental spills! Legacy from our Niro Granite Slip-Stop series does an amazing job of looking effortlessly elegant while keeping you safe.

Stylish, useful, and easy to maintain. Check out our Slip-Stop collection today!


Anti slip tiles in bathroom

Shower and Bathroom

Constantly wet means constantly slippery, and constantly slippery means a constant fall risk. Did you know that up to 80 percent of falls at home occur in the bathroom?

Unlike other areas, showers and bathrooms also tend to be very private spaces, which means someone who suffers a fall in them may not be able to get help as quickly as they would elsewhere. So be sure to prioritise these areas as well when you get your Slip-Stop tiles.

Here are some bathroom design ideas!


Anti slip tiles in outdoor area

Outdoor Areas

Whether out on the porch or on the balcony, you know how slippery it can get when it rains. Depending on where you live, there is the chance of small amounts of oil building up on the ground which gets surfaced when it rains, creating slippery spots and increasing the risk of falls – if you’ve seen colourful rainbow patches in puddles, that’s actually oil.

Just as crucial as the kitchen, shower and bathroom areas, it’s definitely another area worthy of attention when deciding where to install Slip-Stop tiles. Check out Pedregal by Niro Granite for Slip-Stop styles that look great both indoors and outdoors!


Anti slip tiles in pool area


Slip-Stop tiles are absolutely essential for pools! Whether indoors or outdoors, proper anti-slip flooring help to minimise the risk of slips and falls in an environment where children tend to play and water tends to get everywhere.

Our Tribes series is perfect complement for pools. Check it out!


Anti slip tiles in cafes and restaurants

Commercial Spaces

If you’re in charge of a commercial space such as a restaurant or café or even a brewery that is prone to spills and wet patches on the floors, Slip-Stop tiles could be just what you need as well to protect your employees and customers on your premises. The durability of our tile with Slip-Stop, which measures at PEI ratings* of 3 and above indicates it is suitable for commercial floorings and high traffic areas.

*PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) ratings help you determine the hardness and durability of tile and its suitability for each area of application, with PEI 5 being the most durable.

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