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Seamless Tile Designs: Editor’s Top 4 Picks

Seamless design is the ultimate tiling ideal, whether you are planning for a residential or commercial space. To aid you in your search for design perfection, our editorial team has put together a list of our top 4 recommendations with a variety of textures and moods to cover your every need.

Without further ado, here are our top 4 picks to expand your design horizons:


Top Picks - Niro Granite Pedregal


Inspired by the look and feel of the precious Ceppo di Gre stones from Lombardy, Italy, Pedregal is exactly the type of grey you want to amaze and astonish. Visually, it resembles elegant stone embedded with bits of mineral deposits, giving it a rich and elegant texture in all its shades of grey. It’s also endlessly versatile – check out our slideshow to see different applications!

Pedregal is part of our Slip-Stop series. Learn more about Slip-Stop tiles HERE.


Top Editor's Picks - Niro Granite Legacy


Our tour through Italy brings us next to Tuscany, home to Cipollino marble. “Cipollino” in Italian means “onion stone”, and the marble stone was given this name because of how the original stone blocks, fresh from the quarry, would look as though it was made of many layers. Legacy offers both design depth and durability – both characteristic of Italian stone – and looks amazing both indoors and outdoors.

Download Legacy’s catalogue here:


Editor's Top Picks - Niro Granite Sonosand


Beautiful sandy bays and beaches are exactly what we have been missing throughout the long periods of lockdown. The good news is that you can bring the seaside inside with Sonosand, which features soft swirls across its warm surfaces reminiscent of the patterns formed on soft wind-tossed sand. Its warm and rich colours are sure to awaken your imagination and bring inspiration where you are.


Editor's Top Picks - Niro Granite Murale


Last but not least, our Murale series proudly wears the appearance of quartzite stones, sporting veins similar to marble but with a streakier texture that boldly asserts its unique modern characteristics. Strong and full of personality, it is right at home in any contemporary setting where you want to create a clean and timeless appeal.


Looking for more? Check out our full catalogue.


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