Swiss Heritage.

Innovation, passion and
dedication is what we
strive for.


The roots
and milestones
of Niro Ceramic

Niro Ceramic Group has been around for more than 40 years. Marketed under the brand name of Niro Granite, its first manufacturing plant was established in 1979 in Switzerland to announce the presence of porcelain tiles to the world. Since then, a variety of tiles has been exported across the globe and rapid growth in the Asian markets eventually led to the success of the Niro Ceramic establishment in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Attributed to the constant market demand and expansion of our own capacity, Niro Ceramic Group established a complete organisation in China to ensure that the same stringent quality product and customer service efficiency is achieved. While the continuous investment and adaptation to meet customers’ demands have caused yet another rapid expansion of Niro Ceramic Group’s network to Vietnam and Spain. One of the most notable Spanish brands in the market, Zirconio has become part of the Niro Ceramic Group.

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1st manufacturing plant was established in Cresciano, Switzerland


Establishment of Niro Ceramic in Malaysia


Establishment of Niro Ceramic in Indonesia


Establishment of Niro Ceramic in China


– Establishment of Niro Ceramic in Vietnam
– Establishment of Niro Ceramic in Spain


Acquisition of Zirconio in Spain


Establishment of Niro Ceramic in India


Establishment of Niro Ceramic in Philippines

European design,
Global mindset.

Having a diverse network across the globe enabled Niro Ceramic Group to be the leading tile supplier that is backed with large stock keeping, ensuring prompt delivery with great credibility and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

For over four decades, Niro Ceramic Group has succeeded in preserving the Swiss Heritage of always delivering high quality products and services to customers despite having many new product lines and numerous geographical expansions.

We pride ourselves in being a reliable and strong company, with an international presence in more than 100 countries worldwide, constantly innovating and leading by example with our extensive experience in the market.

Our people are enthusiastic with the great possibilities ahead. We strive to bring the best collection of porcelain tile designs, high in quality and with efficient customer services. Most importantly, the value added strategies to our partnerships all around the world.