Designs Originating from Spain

Inspired by mother-nature, the new products feature natural materials like stone, wood and marble. Exquisitely crafted into various forms and colours, these tile designs include delicate patterns, textures and veins for an authentic look that resemble the natural resources. Each series come in different shades and colours to accommodate different design needs.


Ragno by Zirconio features three cool grey shades of tiles that were inspired by stones in Reggio Calabria, Italy. Its unique veining resembles a random combination between mother-nature and stone that creates a natural yet sophisticated design in any space.

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Elysian by Zirconio is inspired by natural marble designs. Its trendy white background with natural-looking marble veins brings a sophisticated look. When used in any residential space, it creates a perfect match between an elegant and timeless design.

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Barnwood by Zirconio as its name suggests features tile design that is inspired by reclaimed wood or weathered and aged wood. This wood design resembles aged wood that has been exposed to rain and shine and has been worn over time, bringing out that natural vintage look and feel.

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Krea by Zirconio are wood collection tiles with three different wood grain designs – poplar tree, pine tree and sandalwood. It’s versatility promises a wide variety of application possibilities. Whether it’s for floor in living room or a wall in the dining room, Krea delivers the right amount of modern contemporary with a touch of back-to-nature in its design.

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Timber by Zirconio features tile design that is inspired by natural timber wood that is mostly used as beams wooden architectures. The design brings out the authenticity of natural wood that is timeless and rustic.

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