All standard Operating Procedures by the Health Ministry and our own were implemented for the safety of our people and our customers. Today, we have adapted to the new normal and it is our digital mindset that will help us grow to a better future, together with you.


Office sanitisation is conducted twice daily

Temperature screening on employees and visitors

Good hygiene practices by all employees

Social distancing in the office factory and retail outlets

Isolation plans for employees who fall sick

Our products are safe to be delivered to you by delivery personnels who have been screened

Paperless request to lessen physical contact

Meetings and online presentatins with customer are done virtually

360′ project designs that are capable of Augmented Reality (AR) experience

Digitally displayed product information for paperless and contactless experience

Product delivery process with minimal human contact for product safety assurance

Check out our video and see our SOPs being practised in real life