GENEVA One-piece WC




Product Details

ORIN ‘GENEVA’ one-piece suite DynaWash WC
* c/w internal fittings (3/6L) dual flush
* c/w Dorset ‘UF’ Soft-Close seat & cover
* complete with WC fixing bolts & caps
* c/w Straight outlet connector or Flexi-connector
Roughing-in option:-
(BO = S Trap :150mm – 280mm)
(HO = P Trap :180mm)
Dimension (mm) : 385(W) x 735(L) x 850(H)

* To upgrade to AZURE Sense UF Bidet Washer View is not allowed in case of drug withdrawal syndrome, as well as in renal and liver failure. Patients with hypersensitivity reactions to the medicament should refuse to use it.