Lux 4.0

polished matt (only in GXP82, GXP83, GXP84, GXP85)

Lux 4.0 is taking cues from the design and characteristics of natural marble and stones. The alluring designs and natural elements of marble and stone have long been associated with poised elegance and sustainability. Therefore, this tile collection is a worthwhile addition to any interior space.

Lux 4.0 collection is offering two finishes – glazed polished and matt which is suitable for both floor and wall applications.

Suitable for:

Residential & Commercial floor and wall – Indoor

  • Living
  • Dining
  • Dry kitchen
  • Bathroom wall
  • Bedroom
  • Feature Wall



• Glazed polished is suitable on wall application for both Residential and Commercial.
• For floor application, glazed polished is suitable for Residential and Commercial (light to medium traffic only).