Step & Step.1




Be mesmerized by the fascination of Step; the masculinely charming magnetizer by Niro Granite. Designed exclusively for outdoor applications, Step takes a page out of the distinctive natural limestone beauty that evokes a sense of dominance and sophistication. Step is obtainable in structured surface with a spectacular thickness of 20mm and comes in six decorative and functional range of accessories to create an outdoor environment of character and candour. Step is the ultimate manifestation of superiority marking it completely, and uniquely different.

Suitable for:

Residential floor and wall – outdoor

  • Car porch
  • Courtyard

Commercial floor and wall – Indoor and outdoor

  • Shopping mall
  • Exterior
  • Retail
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Walkway

The therapeutic effect of taking the tablets of this drug, as written at, can occur within four to five hours after the use.