Slip-Stop Surface:

A new realm in the tile revolution

Presenting the Slip-Stop surface, a revolutionary product that offer smooth surface with multiple applications. This new surface has a special anti-slip glaze with new technology used during the tile manufacturing process.

Therefore, the tiles surface is smooth and comfortable to touch, but when in contact with water, its special physical properties are able to produce an excellent anti-slip effect.

Reducing the risk of slipping, the Slip-Stop surface comes in handy for areas that are more prone to water accumulation, such as kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor areas, ideal for household with elderly and children. A new realm in the tile revolution, only one surface to meet diverse needs.


Excellent anti-slip effect when wet

Eliminates accidents caused by slippery floors

Effective under wet and dry conditions

Same series of tiles can be used indoors & outdoors

Requires no special maintenance

Free from toxic chemicals


Collection with Slip-Stop features


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